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Clyde Butcher and Elam Stoltzfus while filming "Apalachicola River: An American Treasure" (2006)

Clyde Butcher and Elam Stoltzfus while filming “Apalachicola River: An American Treasure” (2006)

Award-Winning Filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus and Celebrated Wilderness Photographer Clyde Butcher Take a New Approach with Online Campaign to Raise Funds Independently.

Elam Stoltzfus, Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, and environmental activist Clyde Butcher, known for his exquisite black and white, large format photographs of the landscape, turn to alternative funding sources for their latest feature film collaboration – a documentary featuring the life of Clyde Butcher. With just 29 days to fund, the process is challenging both the online fundraising template and the collaborators resolve.


Tallahassee, FL (WEB) March 3rd, 2015 – Butcher and Stoltzfus are turning to the Internet to raise funds for their latest feature film project on Clyde Butcher. They will be seeking support for fundraising through the online crowd-funding site,

In line with guidelines, artists have a set number of days to raise all the funds, or the project receives nothing. Stoltzfus’ film has a 29-day fundraising window, from start to finish. If the allotted budget ($179,000 US) isn’t raised before March 31st, all pledges are cancelled and the film will not be funded.

When asked about why Kickstarter was appealing, Elam noted, “This model provides an opportunity for many people to be a part of telling Clyde’s story. We can join together to create a piece of art that reflects both Clyde’s photographic story and his involvement with the environment.”

This is no ordinary project. Clyde Butcher and Elam Stoltzfus have worked with each other for more than 25 years, and Stoltzfus sees Butcher as being his mentor and one of his closest friends. Butcher is fully supportive of this film, stating: “I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else but Elam because he really knows me. And I think that’s very important.” As a feature-length documentary film, it will use interviews of Clyde’s friends and family to tell a universal story of one man’s journey through love, loss, and life. Thematically organized around key moments in Clyde’s life that reflect a wide range of human emotion and experience, the film seeks to reveal a larger more complex portrait of the artist.

Many interviews have already been filmed and will include interviews with Clyde dating back to 1989. Additional footage will be shot on high-definition broadcast-quality equipment. Upon successful funding, Stoltzfus expects to deliver the final cut before the end of the year. To learn more about the film, readers can visit the project’s pitch page here:


About Elam Stoltzfus:
Elam previously directed an award-winning half-hour documentary on Clyde Butcher, Visions of Florida: The Photographic Art of Clyde Butcher, in 1990 that was shown nationwide on Public Television. His directed works include six feature-length nature documentaries on the state of Florida, four of which were shown nationwide on Public Television.

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